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Omg, our last entry was AGES ago!

Anyway how's everyone? I'm feeling really tired now, I guess it's also cuz the clocks have been turned back an hour, so it's a little later than it says on my computer clock. Also I have a horribly long essay due in December, and it's really hard to cope with both learning anatomy (and next week onwards, endocrinology), committing it to memory and doing this essay (I need at least 40 references for this, omg!)

Winter's just around the corner so do take care! x

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Ok I've done some research on Poland! It seems really really nice :) go search google images for pictures of Krakow and Warsaw and you'll know what I mean!

Anyway here are some things about Poland.

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:) Hope that was useful!!

europe trip

hi peeps!

for our europe trip, jean suggested we each take one country and research on the attractions/logistics of it, then post on the bft blog. then we can read through and vote on the best country.

jean: eastern europe
keting: spain and portugal
kaihee: holland and belgium/denmark
yunxuan: turkey and/or any random country i can think of

timeframe: any 7 days in between dec 12 - dec 21

It'll be great if you guys can research on airfares and dates as well, since money is always an issue ;) kaihee we can help you with finding the flights...

Let's aim to finish the research and vote by this weekend k! =)

catching up w everyone!
hey peeps! (:

yest was great fun, thanks for a fantastic day out singing, eating then shopping! i'm gg to post the photos on fb!

haish i miss you all alot, and the innocent jc days back when all we worried abt were academics and ccas. at least then i could see everyone everyday at the bft without fail. can we have a full outing next yr? -wishes. i want a group pic, with EVERYONE in it so that i can print and hang over my bed!

just a quick catch-up w everyone:
kaihee, gaoyuan, yuxin, kaceng, sherm -- ok i just saw you all yest so i know you all are well and safe :D
jean -- yay i talk to you almost everyday so i dun feel v distant from you! feel free to call me out for a movie anytime ok? i'll ask you too if i have a movie i wanna watch!
zhaojing -- where have you been! come online or something haven't seen you since the slpover! hope 2nd yr medicine is manageable!
xinyu -- are you back from hk yet?! it's rare not to talk to you for this long.
grace -- i miss having you back in sg. i haven't been shopping and exercising alr since you left =(


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Our Christmas break trip is in danger of being cancelled, because Zhaojing is unable to join us (her family has suddenly decided that they will holiday together) and Kaihee's parents are a bit reluctant to let her fly alone to the UK.

I emailed the guy organising the Northern Lights tour but he has not replied.. So.

The current status on the trip is that it's really iffy now, so we really have to work at it and make sure it works out before all of us either graduate and go home or get too busy.

That's all for now, sorry if I sound really dead, because that's exactly how I feel right now. Wish I don't have to go to school tomorrow, I really feel like crap. And I ended up in tears in one of the classes today because they were simply too much for me to handle. Sigh. 2 more days and I can bum around like I should have been doing all summer.

Take care everyone.



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