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ketket wrote in breakfastablets
hallo peeps, this blog has been so dead i thot i'd drop by to say hi! how's everyone doing?


p.s. as i was saying to grace recently, we'll celebrate our 10th yr of friendship next yr can you believe it?

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haha some of us can celebrate 13 years!
how many years down the road are we supposed to meet at i cant remember where and when?

think charmaine and i said in our scrapbook to meet 5 yrs down the road ie last year, on 4th of november. but of course i dun think many of us were in singapore then huh? anw it conveniently slipped my mind too hehe. btw sherm do you still have your scrapbook? i lost mine during jc =(

i think so.. shld be lying somewhere around in my house

Hi everyone!
Wow yup we're getting on in years... so much has happened in a decade but I'm glad there's still our bft! =)
Hope all of you in faraway places are doing fine! Enjoy your last (?) year of undergrad!


pinky! yahhh i feel like i've changed so much over the yrs, barely (or refuse to!) recognise my old self from my old blog posts. but i'm glad that the bft was there for me always.

some of us are gg home in dec, will you be free to meet? i want to go to whichever hospital you're at to have lunch with you! i'm sorry i failed to do so in summer!

it won't be my last yr i think! i'm trying to get masters sponsorship (: hope you're enjoying your 3rd yr!

Ah hope you get to enjoy another year of being a student again then!
Being a student is generally fun. ^^

Yes I have a xmas week break! Haha. But I'll be around all Dec anyway, so yay shall look forward to seeing whoever's coming back then! =)

argh everyone here is going back except me :(

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