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lemon_ade_88 wrote in breakfastablets
Hey everyone! Havent been here in a long long time... Anw my comp has died so I wont be going on MSN, and so I dont know all your plans for December (except Xinyu's and thanks alot for shipping my comp back to sg =) and for the fun time in oxford too!).
Btw for those coming to London, come visit me! I'll be out of London frm 29 Dec to 5 Jan, but otherwise must look me up k! And Jean too - you still havent visited my place yet.

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SHERMIN! Haha sorry lah I'm like really swamped and my essay is so screwed, I have somehow lost my big picture for it along the way (sidetracking to finish up my lectures on cancer) so I'm quite nervous right now :( I'll prolly go visit after my essay is due! Maybe one day when Keting, Yunxuan and Kai Hee are in London? :)

Oh yeah I know Xinyu is going home.. But not sure when.

Kaihee, Keting and Yunxuan will be in London on 11 December, then we leave for Prague and Krakow on 14 December (early morning), then back in London on the night of the 19th. Might be making a day trip up to Bath after coming back from Krakow though. Come along if it's convenient for you :D

Also on the list to do: Harrods, Borough Market, Tower Bridge, Tate Modern, ice skating at Natural History Museum/Hyde Park/Tower Bridge/Somerset House :p those are the major rinks I already know of. And we need to bring Kaihee to eat pub food some time :)

Oh and they're leaving London on 22 December. I will be stuck studying for the rest of the time though, hopefully no more distractions till my exam, now that I look at it there relaly isn't any more time to play or I will die for the exams rawr! -_-

ooh... can come visit me on the 11th (i end lessons at 1) or the 20th (day after last day of sch!)
or anytime between 20th and 28th and on 6th jan and after! my parents will be here too ;) drop me an email or sms or give me a call k!

11th I finish at 4 :p Unless I skip dissection lol, but don't think I will, it's quite an important session.

20th is probably more feasible! Will contact you closer to the date :) when will you not be in London?

im not too sure abt 13th... may have a kempo outing which i'll have to attend. i'll not be around frm 29 Dec to 5 Jan.

sorry i cant make it on the 13th, unless you come in the morning cos my training starts at 1 and then i'll be busy for the rest of the day.
how bout 12th? can come to my place for dinner, its my cooking day anw.
or 20th to 22nd? any of those days are fine ;)

Hello! Haha sorry I haven't been going on msn either, and have long abandoned facebook. There always seem to be other distractions...

My holidays start the week after next! I will be spending one week plus vacationing in other parts of SE Asia and the rest of December will be spent trying to catch up with nasty pathogenic bacteria in preparation for my exam in Jan. I have managed to accumulate impressive amounts of backlog. =P

Xmas is coming! Exciting times are ahead! Hope everyone is doing well. =)


i'm here! yea besides the prague and krakow trip, kaceng and i will be touring spain from 31-6th oh i must say THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE EMAIL! it was v helpful! so now we're gg from barcelona to zaragoza to madrid (doing all the daytrips like you suggested, and i might be gg ard uk (i.e. london too!) during the period from 27 to 30th cos sam's coming down from the US...

good to hear from you, and yea xinyu told me abt you visiting her and abt the computer. it's sad to not be able to talk to you online! well pls keep your phone on during the holidays then, cos we might drop by to visit any moment =p how's other aspects of life anyway?

hope to see you soon sherm, missing you


yea come visit me! can drop me an email and dont worry i'll turn on my phone unless im out of uk.
what abt grace? is she coming too?

yea grace is coming over too! but she's coming over just before the trip, so she'll only go ard uk (w mindy) after the spain trip, i'll tell her to contact you! (: and yayy yayy yayy. i do really wanna wanna visit you where are you staying this yr after all?

im staying at Bayswater, across Hyde Park from Imperial.

I KNOW WHERE YOU STAY! hahahaa.. yes shermin we'll come visit when kaihee comes!

Hello sherms! hehe. yeah im coming! I'll be in the UK from after the Spain trip until the 12th of Jan. Bring me eat pub food!! i like fish and chips =)


bleah. i HATE f***! but you can come visit me on the 6th or 7th i guess ;)

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