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hallo peeps, this blog has been so dead i thot i'd drop by to say hi! how's everyone doing?


p.s. as i was saying to grace recently, we'll celebrate our 10th yr of friendship next yr can you believe it?

how's everyone doing? :)
had my first final of the term today.. then came back and found out that our prof for the class just passed away.. and we just had our last lecture on tuesday >.< struck by the unpredictability of life once again..
in that spirit, just wanted to say really appreciate all of you :) and hope you're doing well!! =D

new year's eve
Hello friends!
I don't know if anyone's going to see this, nor when...

But as 2008 slowly fades away, I'd like to wish everyone a very happy 2009!
May it be a year filled with a good dose of luck and happiness, and as much of whatever else it is you'd like the new year to be full of!
All the best!

with <3 from the equator

Merry Christmas!
Hello! It's Christmas already, can't believe 2008 is almost over now :s wonder how many of you are at home or with family enjoying this festive period? Lucky people!

Anyway as the year draws to a close, I look back and see how far we have come since our days in secondary school, and indeed it's been a long time. I suppose it's just become harder for all of us to meet up because we're all over the place, and certainly this is true during the holidays as well. But, thanks for all the memories anyway, of all the sleepovers and cookouts and anime-watching :)

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone! Take care! xxx

Hey everyone! Havent been here in a long long time... Anw my comp has died so I wont be going on MSN, and so I dont know all your plans for December (except Xinyu's and thanks alot for shipping my comp back to sg =) and for the fun time in oxford too!).
Btw for those coming to London, come visit me! I'll be out of London frm 29 Dec to 5 Jan, but otherwise must look me up k! And Jean too - you still havent visited my place yet.