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yxzz wrote in breakfastablets
how's everyone doing? :)
had my first final of the term today.. then came back and found out that our prof for the class just passed away.. and we just had our last lecture on tuesday >.< struck by the unpredictability of life once again..
in that spirit, just wanted to say really appreciate all of you :) and hope you're doing well!! =D

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Wow I just realised this is the first post here in about 6 months :O

And yes, the unpredictability of life! D: Am gonna go home tomorrow, haven't packed :s Hope we'll get to have a BFT gathering again soon! For those still having exams, JIAYOU! :D

Yep, life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans...
Take care everyone!
And all the best for exams if you're still in the midst of them! =)

nice quote :)

Ahh that's really sad :( Was he old?

I miss the bft loads. Yuxin what are your summer plans or do you hafta stay there to study cos you took your break earlier this year? I wanna see you face to face!

Good luck with whatever you're up to! (:

nope! he was really young >.< not 50 yet..
going back first week of sept =) whee have fun at home/on attachment/at icho/in HK/ someplaces else (I forget:P) !! :P
thanks! and good luck with everything too :)

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